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Tenacity plys

Author / artist/  witch

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 “Family Curse is a sardonic epistolary mystery, a unique narrative braided with humor and slow-building dread.”

—Sloane Leong, author of Graveneye

"Tenacity Plys makes sure nothing will hit us as realistically as fiction does. The work makes one question our very history and horror...simply let this novelette take you where it wants, and without question.”

—Pascale Potvin, Editor-in-Chief of Wrongdoing


“Family Curse is a densely packed and layered novella that merits a reread. It achieves an unusual and delightful mix of chills, comedic relief, and thoughtful consideration.”

—Anna Veriani, author of The Winter Quarters


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So far this year Ten has been nominated for a Pushcart and a Best of the Net! Watch this space for new work coming soon in Ethel, Bullshit Lit, and the Alien Buddha Best of 2022 Anthology!

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